To add Amazon to your Favorites simply click HERE and a popup window will appear. If you wish to add this favorite to your Links Bar follow the instructions below.


The Browser Links Bar

The Links Bar provides a quick way to access the Web sites you visit often.

Finding the Links Bar

The first thing you must do is to actually find the Links Bar. Although this sounds easy, it may be tricky; since, depending on your settings, this toolbar may or may not be visible.

Start Internet Explorer and look at the toolbars at the top of the screen. You are looking for the word "Links" on the toolbar. If you don’t see the Links Bar, click on View, then choose Toolbars. If there is a checkmark in front of the word Links, it means this Toolbar is already displayed. If there is no checkmark, click on the word Links to make the Link Bar visible. Still don’t see it? It may be, the Links Bar appears in conjunction with another toolbar.

Moving the Links Bar

If this is the case, just click on the word Links and drag the toolbar down, dropping it under your other toolbars.

Can’t move the Links Bar? It may mean the Toolbars are locked. Right-click on any toolbar. If there is a checkmark in front of the "Lock the Toolbars" choice, click on the Lock the Toolbars option to remove the checkmark and unlock the bars.

Once you move the Links Bar, you should see it in its entirety.


Adding Amazon Link

It’s easy to add a new link.

Click on the Favorites icon to display the Favorite list. Then click on the Amazon link and keep the mouse button pressed. Drag the Amazon link to the Links Bar and release the mouse button.


The Amazon link will now be inserted into the Links Bar of your browser and be avaliable whenever you start up IE



Netscape Users

You will find a similar toolbar in Netscape called the Personal Toolbar. It functions in a manner very similar, including being able to add folders via the Bookmarks menu.